I'm Inviting you. Dive in! ⚓️

No commitments. No promises. Just a helping hand for a greater cause.

If you are reading this, you are aware of Digital Success with Shubham Bapna.

I thought I would write an email today to talk about my Online Dukaan Mastermind community.

This family means so much to me, it is where I get all my support to maximize your Business and improve your sales with the help of the Online Dukaan App.

We’re a tribe of people who bring in Business expertise when it comes to Selling Online. The Online Dukaan Mastermind is a 90 member strong family of E-Commerce entrepreneurs, Coaches, Teachers, Consultants, Offline or Online Business Owners, and much more.

In the Online Dukaan Mastermind, we

  • Brainstorm Business Ideas that involve selling online and make use of the easy-to-use Online Dukaan platform for interacting with potential customers on a daily basis.

  • Collaborate and share new Business Ideas that help our community members in increasing their profits and decreasing any revenue leakages. 

  • Learn and apply new skills such as Running paid ads, Copywriting techniques, SEO, Social Media Mastery, Blogging, Influencer Marketing, etc to our Business and scale it rapidly. 

We do NOT

  • Believe in the overnight success or fake promises. It is a wonderful journey where we are not just selling online. We are building a strong brand for long-lasting success. 

  • Want members who are just hunters and not collaborators. Hunters are the ones who simply look for themselves and ignore when it comes to helping others. Collaborators are the ones who will do anything and everything to build their reputation and help the ones who need assistance and help.

  • Promote MLM or Network marketing kind of businesses that are meant to hurt anyone's dreams and finances. A strict NO for such businesses within the Online Dukaan Mastermind Community. 

It is my hope that every one that is a part of the Online Dukaan Mastermind Community will be able to get support to

  • Brainstorm and apply LATEST Ideas for Selling products, Services, Digital downloads, and Subscription Online. 

  • Apply breakthrough Marketing strategies that involve Paid ads on Facebook™, Google™, etc

  • Understand how SEO works and master the art of FREE Traffic by ranking Higher on the search results.

  • Understand how you can use Copywriting techniques for selling more with the power of persuasion. 

  • Understand how Dropshipping works and apply the right steps for building your Dropshipping business with very little capital.

  • Get access to Hidden strategies from various Industry Experts during our Guest Sessions.

  • Get early access to the best Digital tools for streamlining and automating your Online Business with the help of Lifetime Deals. 

  • Get access to our growing International Community of Online Entrepreneurs for networking and improving your Business visibility. 

You are not walking alone! Let’s walk together as a family.

I cordially invite you to be a part of the community today :) 


Let us do this together!

Signing off,

Shubham Bapna 

Online Dukaan App