Shipping new Applications! 🤑

Not a developer or a software engineer by education but I love digging into new technologies and creating useful applications out of them!

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Hello there, it has been a phenomenal start for me. I came across multiple opportunities in terms of new products (Software Applications), eCommerce Business, Niche Digital Marketing, Shifting my podcasting to a whole different platform, and much more.

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Why am I doing this?

Creativity comes from Persistence.

Persistence comes from Vision.

Vision comes from Clarity.

For Clarity, I need to know my why?

Just like this movie, Having figured out some opportunities, I don’t hold myself back. I like to grab them and turn them into wonderful Business avenues. Thus helping me be a part of the value chain.

I have come up with a Travel Website called “Fly Big”

This website helps you to compare your Flight and Hotel bookings across multiple portals and helps you find the best rates. It comes in handy since I travel a lot (even during Pandemic) and wish to save as much as I can on my travels.


If you want to know how I did it?

Reply to me “I want to start my own Travels Website” or leave a comment below

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Give me your feedback on the pricing comparison. From what I found out, it is 7/10 times cheaper compared to the pricing on MakeMyTrip! 😍

Time for a Bonus!

What’s this Bonus about?

This is called Online Dukaan Challenge. I will Interview the top 5 Entrepreneurs who reach out to me on a first come first serve basis and guide them in their Online or eCommerce business journey. I have more than 1000+ Entrepreneurs on my email list and your chance to come in that Top 5 depends on how fast you can complete the task.

What is the task?

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That’s it.

What next?

You need to send me a screenshot on Twitter @ 10xshubhambapna with these hashtags, #onlinedukaanchallenge, and #10xshubhambapnaand claim your Top 5 Spot for Online Dukaan Challenge 🔥

Stay safe ❤️


Shubham Bapna


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