The cost of Daring to Dream

It all looks rosy until the tracks change and everything starts to derail

India’s start-up culture encourages you to dream and pursue your wildest imaginations.

What we come to know is only about the success stories, But what about the hidden costs that come with it?

Let me share with you my journey of Unlimited Hidden costs and painful moments when it comes to closing down your start-up Journey.

The Beginning

It all looks rosy until the tracks change and everything starts to derail.

I started having so many ideas and to pursue them I needed the right people with experience. I started with the plan and with a strong goal in my mind. Little did I know how difficult this would be to bring it to reality.

Building a house on someone else’s property after long nights only to realize it all went in vain. It can be a painful experience.

What went wrong?

Many things went wrong and this list would be endless in terms of the spontaneous decisions we have made.

  1. Lack of planning.

  2. Lack of Management skills.

  3. No end goal in our minds.

  4. No clear definition for carrying out our duties.

  5. Having our legs on more than 1 Boat.

  6. Changing our WHY every single day.

  7. No clear plan in terms of pursuing our mission

  8. Lack of ownership among the other Co-Founder

What did we lose?

We ended up losing our Start-up dream of Suprstart Ventures LLP to silly reasons.

Long story short, we happened to give away our most priced SaaS tools for monetizing our Business Journey. We started losing our traction due to the differences between Co-founders and Investors.

The Investors started checking out the real viability of our business plan.

After a lot of ifs and buts, we gave up on our Start-up dream to find a simple way out to cover our bills.

To be continued….