What made me start Online Dukaan App 🚀

Find out the story behind the launch story of my featured product Online Dukaan App 🚀

As a curious personality, I love building stuff and making sure they are useful to my audience.

I launched my SaaS product in April this year and we have reached around 80+ customers so far. Not a big number but good to start with

A little backstory 👇

Why did I launch Online Dukaan App 🚀 ?

We come from Jain Community and are involved in Business from the very beginning. Using our traditional method we run our business with great pride.

We value our ethics and manage all our team members with care.

Understanding technology has been very important for me. I love tinkering with new applications and making sure that I can build small bets around them.

As an entrepreneur by heart, we started to search for application which can enable our Business to go Online. Keeping in mind that all our business activities were offline and there was a massive mental shift that was needed.

I first started understanding the pain points and penned them down to identify the solutions. The solutions were very simple, yet powerful. I happened to launch them with my book which got published last year in June.

Unleash Your Business Online was launched with the sole purpose to help entrepreneurs launch their business online.

Now we needed a platform to help Business Owners launch their Online portal. Either they could go for a website with custom-built eCommerce features or they could find a solution to plug and play into their Business.

Here comes Online Dukaan App 🚀

Keeping things simple would help us solve their problems and make them more valuable. With this focus, I started to cater to my community audience first. Being a Solo Founder and Marketer, I knew we have to pivot our marketing techniques.

So, I started working on a powerful community-based concept called, Online Dukaan Mastermind.

Online Dukaan Mastermind

The Online Dukaan Mastermind is a strong group of eCommerce Entrepreneurs who are selling Physical products, Services, and Digital Downloads.

Fast forward today, we have more than 80 users on our platform and plan to increase it to 5000 in the next 1 year. Out of which I expect 20% to be paying customers with 15-20k for our Mastermind Group.

We have so much coming up. Will keep you updated. 😍

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