Mar 3, 2019 • 1M

Beginning of Shubham Bapna SuprMindset Podcast Episodes

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Welcome to Digital Success podcasts, by Shubham Bapna. I share my experience in building Digital Products, Affiliate Marketing products, Courses, Coaching, Blogging, eCommerce Mastery, and Podcasting. Founder of Online Dukaan App
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Hello everyone, my name is Shubham Bapna and I'm the founder of SuprCrowd Ventures. We have an E-commerce business of SuprCrowd store at I personally believe that people of my age should be doing more and not just undermine their potential. So I'll be sharing my ideas and thought processes to getting started and living your life the way you always wanted to live. Stay tuned. Follow my for regular updates. Until then have a SUPR day 😃