Sitemap - 2020 - JUGAAD MBA by SHUBHAM BAPNA™️

Ep 54- Getting ready with the right mindset for 2021

Ep 53- 5 Ways to use Digital Marketing and Inspiration in 2021

Ep 52- Why your Brand needs the right Communication Strategy. Feat. Brenden Kumarasamy

Ep 51- DIGITAL SUCCESS WORKSHOP for Lions Club- Baroda (Mix of Hindi and English)

Ep 50- Why KARTRA is The best All in one marketing tool for 2020 and beyond?

Ep 49- Creating Your Business Story- Digital Growth Strategies for Entrepreneurs.

Ep. 48- 5 ways to enable Right Mindset for Digital Success by Shubham Bapna

Ep. 47- What makes Startups Successful? Inspiring Digital Entrepreneur S1 Ep1

Ep 46. Analysing your business- Digital Growth Strategies for Entrepreneurs

Ep. 45- Understanding the Possibilities in Digital Marketing

Ep. 44- Digital Growth Strategies for Entrepreneurs Part 1- CHANGING THE MINDSET

Ep 43: Ultimate Digital Marketing Masterclass

Ep. 42- Why some brands become successful

Ep. 41- How to create your Brand

Ep. 40- Defining Success in 5 Powerful ways 💪🏻

Ep 39. 5 Easy ways to Start Building your Brand 🚀 - Shubham Bapna

Ep. 38- Unleash Your Business Online 🔥

Ep. 37. What drives an Entrepreneur?

Ep. 36- What are the 5 Myths when taking your Business Online? By Shubham Bapna

Ep: 35- How I became an Author in just 3 months?

Ep:34- What is Suprgrow? How can it help you grow your Business?

Ep 33- Introducing Exponential Online Business 🚀

Ep no 32: What is Entrepreneur Lifestyle? 🚀

Ep 31- 😳 Future of small businesses after the Corona Pandemic- #askshub

Podcast no. 30 Unleash your Business Online

Exciting Interview with Nimit Broker from Niyati Arts- Shubham Bapna

Why you need a strong digital presence?

Exciting interview with Mewar Marbles founder Mr. Ramesh Jain- SuprStart with Shubham Bapna